Two types of tooth implant in Lancaster

A tooth implant, commonly referred to as a dental implant, is a surgical component that is designed by a team of dental professionals to interface with the jawbone so as to offer support to a dental prosthesis. At Lancaster Dental Care Associates we have a team of highly skilled dental specialists who perform the placing of tooth implant Lancaster exclusively.

Two types of tooth implant Lancaster

Endosteal tooth implant Lancaster

This type of tooth implant is placed inside the jawbone and constitute of titanium. Most dentists use this tooth implant because of its durability effects.

Subperiosteal tooth implant Lancaster

This tooth implant is placed under or on the jawbone. Our skilled and professional dentist here at our clinic, Lancaster Dental Care Associates, may recommend this type of tooth implant to patients who unwillingly do not want to undergo bone augmentation; since the latter type of tooth implant demands the dental process.

The ideal candidate for tooth implant Lancaster

Persons with the following dental shortcomings serve as the ideal candidates for tooth implant Lancaster:


Physical examinations and screening of your oral health by is usually performed in order to know if you are the best fit for tooth implant Lancaster. However, patients with issues such as jaw injury, bleeding gums and nerves injury, may not be a perfect candidature for tooth implant Lancaster; though they can be aligned for other orthodontic procedures such as jaw surgery.

Treatment of tooth implant Lancaster

The treatment of all implants constitutes of surgical procedures which always take place here in our dental office at Lancaster Dental Care Associates.

The technique of 3D digital imaging and surgical equipment are highly fond in implant procedures. The dentist at Lancaster Dental Care Associates may opt to such tools in the anatomy analysis of your jaw. This will help the practitioner to identify the best areas to place the implant before opting to surgery.

During and after treatment

The dentist tends to use local anesthesia in order to make the experience a pain free procedure. However, there are various types of anesthesia which depend on the severity of the patient’s case. In instances such as root canal, general anesthesia can be used whereas in less complex issues sedation is used. Though in most cases, general anesthesia is administered among patients with dentistry phobia. Aspirin is also used to relieve the patient of pain after the implant placement procedure.

Pros and cons of tooth implant Lancaster

Improved overall oral appearance, speech, easier chewing, and dental uniformity are the topmost pros you will notice during your recovery period.

Contrary to dentures, a tooth implant lasts longer and this tends to boost your overall oral health for an extended period.

Nevertheless, the merits always outweigh the drawbacks though they are still there. The demerits include:

Currently, at Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we provide the best tooth implant Lancaster procedure at incredibly cost-effective rates and our dental services are of high quality which leaves you zero or no regrets.

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