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What you need to know about tooth implants

In dental treatment and cosmetics, there are a variety of tooth replacement options available. However, for the best tooth replacement outcome, we recommend tooth implant Lancaster.

Tooth implants are very convenient for tooth replacement as compared to alternative methods in so many ways. For one, a tooth implant acts as a permanent tooth since it is surgically rooted into the jawbone just like natural teeth.

At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we offer various kinds of tooth implant crowns. Depending on your preference and also the tooth being replaced, our dentist will help you get the most suitable type of implant. We usually schedule separate dental sessions for tooth implants surgery so that the jaw can heal before the dental crown can be placed onto the implant.

Fitting tooth implants

When you first visit Lancaster Dental Care Associates for a tooth implant surgery, our dentist will develop a treatment plan to guide treatment until the implants are fixed. During the procedure, the oral surgeon will induce local anesthesia to eliminate pain during treatment. After that, the oral surgeon then drills a small hole at the place where the implant will be placed.

The root of the implant is made of titanium for it to be healthy and firm in supporting the dental crown. The root is placed inside the drilled hole where the jawbone surrounds it. The dentist will then direct you to wait for the root to heal before a permanent dental crown can be placed.

If necessary, he may recommend a temporary tooth crown until the area heals completely. After a few weeks of healing, the dentist will cover the implant with a tooth crown and screw or seal the crown onto the implant.

Benefits of having tooth implants

A tooth implant Lancaster has plenty of advantages one them being resilience to stains. Unlike natural teeth, tooth implants won’t collect stains easily meaning they maintain their sheen for longer. When you have tooth implants, you don’t have to worry about cavities.

Since cavities usually affect the enamel of the tooth, they cannot affect tooth implants since they are made of porcelain and not natural enamel. This makes tooth implants very convenient for replacing natural teeth. Another advantage of tooth implants is that they provide a permanent solution for tooth replacements.

Unlike other tooth replacement options, tooth implants are not shaky and cannot be removed or dislodged. This makes them the ultimate replacement for natural teeth.

Care and maintenance for tooth implants

After getting tooth implants Lancaster, we recommend taking excellent care for them. Since tooth implant repair can be costly, it is essential to avoid damaging them in any way. Biting sticky objects before the tooth has fully healed can affect the adhesion of the dental crown making it shaky.

We also discourage tooth implant patients from biting hard items that may crack or chip the tooth implant. Brushing and flossing regularly is a must if you want to protect the implant support. Gum disease can affect the firmness of the dental implant making the implant shaky and sometimes painful.


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