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A periodontist is a term used to refer to a dentist who has undergone an extra two to three years in their studies specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a disease known as periodontal.

They are also well skilled in the insertion of dental implants. In addition to being experts in the periodontal disease, they are authorized to enhance the smile of a patient through cosmetic periodontal treatments. Finding a periodontist, Lancaster is quite easy as a majority of those who have been certified and licensed by the ADA (American Dental Association) is found in the dental directory.

When does one need a periodontist?

A periodontist is usually necessary when the patient has a gum disease that has fully developed. When a patient requires replacing one or more teeth by the use of dental implants a periodontist can also be consulted.

The dentist treating a patient can decide to refer them to a periodontist when they believe the patient needs specialized care during the treatment and the dental therapy.

The Lancaster Dental Care Associates is home to some of the most proficient periodontist Lancaster who is doing exceptionally well in this field. They are dedicated to ensuring that your oral health is restored and it remains healthy. The services they provide are solely focused on your individual needs and preferences.

The guiding principles

The initial opinion of the periodontist is to guide the patient in selecting the ideal treatment for them in terms of cost, durability, complexity and personal preference. They strive to make the patient become at ease and relaxed.

They pay close attention to what the patient wants to achieve, and they come up with a strategy on how, when and what will be used to achieve that after a thorough pre-examination to determine the condition of their oral health.

The patient has the power to select a periodontist Lancaster of their choice to conduct the dental procedures.

The Lancaster Dental Carte Associated does not only treat patients who have referrals from other dentists but also those who decide to walk in without any referral.

What type of conditions requires the attention of a periodontist?

There are some dental conditions that are not severe and can be competently handled by a general dentist. Patients with severe conditions such as periodontal disease will, however, require the immediate attention of a periodontist Lancaster.

Recent assessments have shown that there is a connection between the chronic diseases that affect people in their old age and periodontal disease. This is why periodontal disease needs to handled by the specialist in the field to make certain that it does not come back later on in life.

A good collaboration between the periodontist and your regular dentist will be very beneficial as both will keep a close eye on your dental health. Periodontist care is also ideal when a patient requires the placement of dental implants to replace one or several teeth. Your mouth performs essential tasks such as eating, drinking and talking so your oral health should be a priority.


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