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We are a dental clinic committed to revitalizing and achieving long lasting, healthy smiles for your teeth, using high-quality dental tools along with the advanced training and continuing education of our staff.


Our high standards in personalized dental care allow for a strong patient retention rate and high customer satisfaction. We tailor our treatment planning specifically to your cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. Additionally, we are available for off-hours dental emergency care if necessary.

Proactive Care

We believe that preventative care and education are essential in achieving long-term dental health and avoiding unnecessary visits due to poor dental maintenance and hygiene. Regular exams, x-ray and cleanings are paramount in preventing problems with your teeth, gums and mouth. By reviewing your medical history, we can stay informed and be proactive in maintaining your oral health.


We abide by strict infection control and sterilization in accordance with the ADA, OSHA and the CDC to achieve maximum safety for our patients.

Continuing Education

In addition to our dental training and decades of experience serving patients, we are active in requiring our entire staff to participate in continuing education and learning. As the field of dentistry, including the latest tools and equipment, continues to advance, we believe that this is essential to delivering optimal dental care.

A Positive Experience

Please call (661) 949-6757 today to schedule an appointment in Lancaster with our wonderful and talented staff!

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