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The wisdom teeth mainly appear by the time an individual turns eighteen for those that mature fast but some individuals it may take a while. The mouth usually has twenty-eight teeth prior to the development of the wisdom teeth and this teeth capacity fit perfectly.

For individuals who do not have sufficient space for the four extra wisdom teeth to develop it can be extremely painful as they start developing on areas of the jaw where they are not in line with the rest of the teeth. The dentists at the Lancaster Dental Care Associates are proficient and the most recommended when it comes to wisdom teeth removal Lancaster.

Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to develop in the mouth and as a result, they may have inadequate space to develop in for some individuals. If an individual’s gum is healthy and there is enough space for four more teeth to develop and align properly with the rest of the teeth, it will not be necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Unfortunately, it is very rare for the space to be enough and the teeth to align properly. Majority of times are those that the teeth either do not align with the others hence growing partially protruding from the gum,

sideways or even trapped under the gum and jawbone

These teeth that are not properly developed or aligned with the rest can be very problematic. When they do not fully develop the gap left can be an ideal area for bacteria to thrive resulting in an infection. The infection will result in pain, stiffness and eventually illness.

It is also possible for the developing wisdom teeth to push and interfere with the natural arrangement of the other teeth that are already developed. Sometimes the results can be very serious resulting in cysts and tumors forming in the area of the infected teeth hence causing destruction to the healthy teeth as well as the jawbone. Dentists who deal with wisdom teeth removal Lancaster highly recommend the removal of such teeth as soon as they develop to avoid the occurrence of such serious conditions which are treated with surgery that is quite risky.

Benefits of early detection

It is advisable for every person to get an evaluation of their wisdom teeth when they are in their mid-teenage years.

This way the alignment of the wisdom teeth will be detected early, and you can know if they are properly aligned, or you will need to remove them once they start developing. The Lancaster Dental Care Associates offers a comprehensive examination which includes the use of x-lays to see the position of the wisdom teeth and how they will develop when it is time.

The removal process that is painless

Prior to the wisdom teeth removal, Lancaster anesthesia or sedative will be administered to numb the area in order to control pain during the surgery.

The nitrogen oxide which is also referred to as the laughing gas, local or the general anesthesia is mainly used during this oral surgery.


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