Tooth extraction treatment to young & old people

Tooth extraction Lancaster

Here at Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we offer a wide range or dental and oral treatment. Tooth extraction Lancaster is one of the treatments. We use this procedure alongside other dental or oral treatment procedures.

We offer tooth extraction treatment to both the young and the old people. We have clients who come for this procedure for cosmetic purposes or to improve their looks. However, we do tooth extraction majorly to prevent the spread of dental diseases such as tooth decay.

We first examine the extent of tooth damage before extracting the teeth. We do the examination to be able to set the right equipment to use and to choose the right dental specialist. In some cases, simple tooth extraction is applicable, however, there are instances when dental surgery is required to extract a tooth. If surgery is required, we assign an oral surgeon to complete the task. The following are the reasons for tooth extraction:

Impacted teeth

If you have impacted teeth, we recommend tooth extraction Lancaster. Impacted teeth are those teeth that fail to emerge completely from the jaw. Commonly, wisdom teeth have this kind of problem. In some cases, the impacted teeth may be itchy or painful. And since these teeth are not very necessary, extracting them will not cause any harm. A special oral surgeon will perform tooth extraction Lancaster.

Decayed teeth

The kind of food that we consume is the likely cause of tooth decay. Normally sugary foods cause tooth decay. A decayed tooth can either be treated, cleaned and filled. However, the filling will not be of any help if the tooth is completely decayed and is beyond repair. Tooth extraction Lancaster becomes the only solution.

Those visible teeth can be extracted simply by pulling out. The inner teeth can only be extracted by cutting through the jaw. If you have any tooth decay complication, visit us today for exceptional tooth extraction Lancaster.

Root canal complication

Tooth extraction Lancaster is the best solution to root canal complication. If your tooth decay or any other infection has affected the roots, extraction is the only better option.

Normally to eliminate pain caused by root canal complications, it is best if the tooth is completely extracted. There is a possible oral treatment that can be done for instance root canal therapy, but they are not as effective as tooth extraction.

Tooth replacement

You may want to have your tooth replaced due to some reasons. If your teeth are weaker or colored or not in good shape, you may want to replace them. The teeth can only be replaced once the existing teeth have been extracted. Tooth extraction Lancaster is the best if you want to replace your teeth. Once we have extracted the teeth, we do replace them.

We have the right replacement equipment as well as biocompatible materials. All you need to do is to visit us at any time of our working hours. You will get a chance to experience the most incredible services by our qualified dentists.

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