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When is tooth extraction necessary?

In dental treatment, tooth extraction Lancaster is widely used alongside other dental treatments. At Lancaster Dental Care Associates we provide tooth extraction services for both children and adults. Tooth extraction can either be done for cosmetic purposes or general preventive treatment.

Depending on the tooth being extracted, we usually recommend different dental specialists. For teeth that are entirely visible, a general dentist or any other dental specialist can perform a simple extraction. It involves a simple removal of the tooth from its root using special dental equipment.

The other form of dental extraction involves surgical procedures which have to be done by a trained oral surgeon or orthodontist. We usually recommend this type of tooth extraction for impacted teeth and wisdom teeth which are not entirely visible.

Reasons for tooth extraction

There are several reasons why we advise tooth extraction in dental treatment. Some of them are cosmetic while others are meant for treatment of dental complications.

One of the most common reasons for tooth extractions is impacted teeth.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that are located at the back of the dental structure. These are wisdom teeth that grow the last and end up being impacted. Impacted teeth may be a nuisance since they don’t grow out of the gum line making them half submerged into the gum.

Since these teeth are rarely functional, we always recommend removing them especially if they start aching. An oral surgeon usually undertakes tooth extraction Lancaster for impacted teeth. This is because the surgeon may have to cut out some of the gum and jawbone to access the whole tooth for an extraction.

Decayed teeth

We usually recommend tooth extraction for teeth which have been decayed beyond repair. If the tooth is threatening the health of adjacent teeth, our dentist will perform tooth extraction to avoid the spread of the decay. This also helps provide an opportunity for tooth replacement since the tooth may be no longer functional. After tooth extraction, we usually recommend getting dental implants that cover the space left behind. For the best dental extraction services, you can visit us at Lancaster Dental Care Associates.

Root canal complication

A root canal refers to a condition where an infection on the tooth has progressed up to the root of the tooth. At the root, the infection affects the pulp chamber which nourishes the tooth causing constant pain and discomfort. While root canal therapy is available for such situations, the dentist can also opt for tooth extraction to eliminate the problem. If the root canal is not sealed correctly in root canal therapy, it may lead to further complication which is not possible in tooth extraction.

Tooth replacement

In cosmetic dentistry, we usually recommend tooth extraction Lancaster, if we intend to fit teeth replacements that are more durable and whiter than the natural teeth. Before fitting dental implants or dentures, our dentist will have to remove the natural teeth to provide an artificial counterpart.


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