The procedure of teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a form of cosmetic dentistry that is usually recommended in place of teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Teeth cleaning is a simple procedure that won’t take more than one trip to the dentist. Although most people are opposed to teeth cleaning Lancaster, it is one of the most common tooth enhancement procedures. Teeth cleaning does not involve any complex procedures that are characteristic of other tooth enhancement procedures. This means that teeth cleaning won’t leave you with any pain or discomfort as is common with some cosmetic dental procedures. A lot of people are not relaxed with tooth cleaning since they do not understand how the procedure is undertaken, mistaking it for vigorous dental action. Below are a few steps on how teeth cleaning is performed.


At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, you can get top-notch teeth cleaning services. They have a dental hygienist who will help you get the most convenient treatment for your dental issue. During dental consultation, the dentist will do a physical examination of your mouth to check on the teeth that need cleaning. The dentist will also be checking for any other dental issues that you have which may hinder the teeth cleaning procedure. After doing an initial check and finding no additional dental issues, the teeth cleaning Lancaster can now begin

Removing plaque

Plaque is the name given to the small bits of food that get stuck in between the teeth. If these particles are not detached, they can easily lead to tooth or gum infections from excess bacteria. Using a scaler, the dentist will scrape off any tartar and plaque present on the teeth until all of it is eliminated. During teeth cleaning Lancaster, removing plaque and tartar may be the longest stage of treatment especially if you have plenty of plaque on your teeth.

Toothpaste cleaning

This stage involves a deep cleaning of the teeth after all the tartar has been removed. The dentist uses a high power toothpaste to remove any debris left from the previous stage. The dentist may opt to choose a special whitening toothpaste with different flavors which suit your liking. Dentists from Lancaster Dental Care Associates recommend using this toothpaste only when visiting the dental clinic. Using the toothpaste regularly can erode the enamel making your teeth sensitive and vulnerable to infections and decay.

Deep flossing

Not many people floss on a daily basis. Lack of regular flossing can lead to an accumulation of bacteria and harmful pathogens between the teeth. Over time, these pathogens cause dental illnesses that may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The benefit of going for deep flossing is that the dentist will be able to get to the blind spots which you miss when doing regular flossing.

Rinsing and fluoride treatment

After flossing, the dentist will rinse your teeth to rid of any debris left from the procedure. After rinsing, the dentist can opt to apply fluoride on the teeth in order to make them harder and more stain resistant. A fluoride coating helps make teeth stronger while also protecting them from direct damage during injury.

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