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In dentistry, there are various dental treatments offered some of which require lengthy surgical procedures. In some cases, you may have to wait for almost half a year before your teeth can fully heal and become fully operational. However, some treatments will only last a single day, and you can walk home with your new teeth or treated mouth. Dental treatment is addressed by different dental specialists each with a special set of skills to treat different dental complications.

As you consider visiting a dentist Lancaster, you should know the different services they offer and if the services are suitable for your specific needs. Lancaster Dental Care Associates offer various different general dentistry procedures that are tuned to the customer’s dental needs and requirements. Below is a list of common dentistry services that they offer.

General tooth extraction

Dental extraction is a common dental treatment that is offered in most dental clinics. Dental extraction can either be recommended for dental treatment or allow for tooth replacement through cosmetic dentistry. Lancaster Dental Care Associates offers general tooth extraction for both adults and children. These dentists recommend that you focus on proper teeth removal for children in order to avoid any dental complications in the future. Issues like crowded teeth and misaligned teeth can be caused by poor tooth extraction at an early age. For surgical tooth extraction, you should contact an oral surgeon or orthodontist since it involves surgical procedures that general dentists are not certified to perform.

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a form of dentistry that involves undertaking general dental treatment for the whole family. Family dentistry is very convenient since it enables the whole family to get dental assessment and treatment at a discounted price. What’s more, you can save much time by visiting the dentist a single time as compared to separate visits to the dentist. As you consider selecting a dentist Lancaster to cater for your dental needs, you should look at whether they offer family dentistry in order to incorporate the whole family in dental treatment.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a simple and affordable way of tooth enhancement that is applied in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth cleaning is usually recommended for people with stained teeth and yellow or discolored teeth. Unlike teeth whitening and teeth bleaching, cleaning does not involve the use of any corrosive solutions that can cause irritation or harm to the gum. The dentist Lancaster uses a hydrogen peroxide solution, which is a common home whitening solution, to repeatedly clean the enamel of the tooth. The solution removes the overlying stained layers making your teeth maintain their original shade.

Preventive dentistry

General dentists perform preventive dentistry to reduce the risk of contracting dental complications in the future. Issues like teeth removal, cavities, and tooth decay should be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid more costly treatments later on. Procedures like root canal therapy which are very costly can be prevented early through preventive dentistry. Visit Lancaster Dental Care Associates today and get the best dental treatment in the city.

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