Looking for the best oral surgeon Lancaster, ca?

Oral Surgeon Lancaster, ca

If you are looking for the best oral surgeon Lancaster, ca have to offer, you should look no further than Lancaster Dental Care Associates. We are a dental practice operating in Lancaster County, where we work towards ensuring that your oral and overall body health is in check. We offer a variety of services ranging from dental implants to open jaw surgery. This article is meant to introduce you to some of the procedures that our oral surgeons are involved. If you are in need of a surgical procedure, you are welcome to book an appointment with us. Our compassionate staff will be available for you and ready to answer any queries you may be having concerning your oral health.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium metal screws that are surgically inserted in a patient’s jawbone, in the space left by lost teeth. The implants take the place of the teeth’s roots, and they offer support for the attachment of replacement teeth. In order to ensure that you get a successful dental implants surgery, it is important to ensure that you are receiving the operation from a competent practitioner who will comfortably and safely take you through the entire procedure. Our facility consists of qualified and board certified practitioners whose many years of practice in the dental field make them the most suitable for you.


Teeth extractions are another issue that is handled by our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca. There are a number of reasons why you would require a tooth extraction. The most common is tooth decay that has resulted in severe damage to a tooth. Infections are another reason why this would be necessary, especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy. In such cases, there may be the risk of infection to certain teeth, and this warrants for an extraction to avoid the situation. Adults experiencing impacted wisdom teeth are also another reason for teeth extractions. You do not need to worry about the safety of our procedures or pain during operations. We use specialized equipment and the latest technology available today to ensure that the procedures we perform on you are successful.

Open Jaw Surgery

Certain dental conditions can demand an open jaw surgery, and in such a case, it is important to find an oral surgeon who can comfortably take you through the procedure and achieve the desired effects. The reasons for jaw surgery could range from misalignments in teeth and incorrect jaw positioning to severe cases of TMJ disorders. Lancaster Dental Care Associates offers the most reliable procedures, which are enhanced by the availability of our qualified and experienced practitioners. Jaw surgery is a rather invasive procedure, and as such, we take certain precautions to ensure that you are comfortable while we operate on you. For one, we use strong anesthesia to numb the area of operation, so do not let the issue of pain trouble your mind.


Whatever operation you may need from an oral surgeon, always ensure that you are working with the best. Visit us today and get the chance to inspect our facilities and let our qualified personnel take care of your dental needs.

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