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There are several dental conditions that might require you to seek the expertise of an oral surgeon Lancaster. The wisdom teeth which at times are called the third molars develop last in the adult years and can be very painful. In most cases, there is not enough space on the jaw to accommodate them.

When they do develop without adequate space, they may result in several dental conditions. They might push the already developed teeth making them unaligned, or they can appear on the side of the jaw unaligned with the rest of the teeth. Sometimes it causes serious conditions such as infections or formation of cysts which can destroy the health of your jaw bone as well as the other healthy teeth. The removal of the wisdom teeth requires the expertise of an oral surgeon as it is a delicate procedure.

Missing teeth

The dental treatment for missing teeth requires the expertise of an oral surgeon. The Lancaster Dental Care Associates is home to many dentists who are well knowledgeable and proficient when it comes to the field oral surgery. The oral surgeon Lancaster have many years of experience in this field which makes them the most ideal for any dental procedures. They offer a variety of treatments for individuals who have missing teeth as a result of extraction, dental caries or due to accidents.

The procedures involved such as dental implants, dentures and bridges require minor surgical procedures that can only be performed by an oral surgeon. The replacement of the natural teeth and the positioning of the substitute made of biocompatible components requires a comprehensive examination to determine the health condition of the jawbone, the gum to avoid infections after the treatment.


During the check-ups at the Lancaster Dental Care Associates, if we catch sight of an abrasion that looks suspicious, we do not ignore it. Tissue DNA is collected and sent to the laboratories in order to find the root cause of the lesion. The tissue will be thoroughly checked for possible illnesses such as oral cancer.

The process is not meant to instill fear in the patient but rather a precaution measure to ensure that they are not suffering from an undetected illness. Early diagnosis of illnesses makes it easy to treat or cure them as compared to when detected in the late stages.

Surgery of the jaw

The most common jaw problems are those associated with its alignment which appears to be very visually unappealing. Besides the physical unattractiveness of the jaw alignment, there are times where the condition interferes with the normal functioning of the jaw. It is important to consult an oral surgeon if you have such a condition so that they can assess it.

The oral surgeon Lancaster are well experienced to make an assessment and determine if the condition will get worse over time or it will remain constant. In cases where the condition is likely to get worse the patients are advised to get a jaw surgery in order to treat it hence restoring its normal functionality in addition to the appearance.


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