How tooth implants are fixed?

Tooth implant Lancaster

What are tooth implants? These are artificial teeth that are fitted to an existing space left by missing teeth. These artificial teeth act just as normal teeth. If you have missing teeth, consider getting a tooth implant Lancaster.

Losing teeth is a common thing. You may lose your teeth as a result of an accident or as a result of dental infections. Having a missing tooth can be very uncomfortable, it can end up even lower one’s self-esteem. Moreover, if you have wider gaps as a result of the loss of multiple teeth, dental functioning can be greatly affected. Speech, biting or chewing can be greatly affected. There are so many things that you need to know about tooth implant, they are as follows;

How tooth implants are fixed?

Fixing dental implants is a complex procedure that requires the experience and skills of a qualified dentist. Therefore, if you want to have dental implants fixed, it is good to first know who your dentist will be.

At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, they have the best oral surgeon and team of qualified dentist who is best in fixing dental implants. Tooth implant fixing involves the drilling of the jaw bone. The drilled hole should be deep enough to ensure that the dental implant remains firm.

Tooth implant Lancaster will require you to make two sessions. The first session will involve the drilling of the jaw bone and fixing the root. The second session will involve placing of the crown to the implant. It will take about 2 weeks for the crown to be fixed since the jaw needs to heel first.

How dental implants are of benefit?

There are so many benefits of having tooth implants. Tooth implants are made of artificial material. The artificial material lasts for a very long time. Moreover, the tooth implant is resistant to dental diseases. Tooth implant Lancaster is as well resistant to staining. The material used to make the root the titanium is very strong. Once it is properly fixed, it cannot dislodge or shift.

Caring for the tooth implant

The tooth implant is very strong and resistant to stains and cavities. However, it does not mean that you should not clean them. A dental implant requires good dental hygiene just as the other teeth. Poor hygiene can lead to a gum infection that will risk the permanency of the tooth implant. In as much as tooth implants are very strong, it is inadvisable to bite and crush hard objects.

Moreover, once you get your dental implant Lancaster, you should avoid certain behaviors that endanger your oral health such as drinking of alcohol and smoking of cigar rete. When good dental hygiene is maintained, the tooth implant can remain firm for as long as over twenty years. Dental implants can sometimes become defective, in such cases, it will need to be repaired. If you are missing a tooth, it is good to visit the best dentistry for good tooth implant Lancaster. Make an appointment today to book for your session.

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