When do we require Oral Surgery?

When do we require Oral Surgery?

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Tooth extraction is a pretty unpleasant experience for most people, but it helps that the procedure is quite fast. However, sometimes our teeth problems may be a bit complex, and you might be required to seek specialized care from the best oral surgeon Lancaster has to offer.

When you hear about the word surgery, you might be tempted to think it will involve an operating room where you will be under general anesthesia, and the procedure requires many days to recover from.

This is however rarely the case. Most oral surgeries are procedures that do not cause much disruption to your everyday program. Oral surgeons are trained to be able to open up the gum tissue to perform different procedures that a patient may require to have full functionality of their jaws, mouth, and teeth.

When do we require Oral Surgery?

Tooth Extractions

Usually, tooth extraction is done by our dentist, but sometimes, extraction requires a specialized skill to avoid unnecessary injuries or infections to the patient.

Reasons for resolving to have an oral surgeon extract teeth include:

  • When one has an impacted (when a tooth is wedged between the jawbone and another tooth) or partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • Patient’s teeth are beyond repair as a result of tooth decay, injury, root fracture or trauma to the jaw.
  • When milk teeth have failed to fall off and bar the eruption of permanent teeth in children.
  • When one has misaligned teeth that may require removal of some teeth to reduce crowding and correct alignment.


Corrective Jaw Surgery

This is also known as orthognathic surgery and is performed by oral surgeons, just like ours at Lancaster.

Common reasons for jaw surgery include:

  • Malocclusion (when the teeth on the upper and lower jaws don’t align when one closes the mouth). It is also called an incorrect bite.
  • Any trauma to the jaw.
  • Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) and dysfunction that is caused by trauma to the jaw or deformation.
  • Excessive tooth wear as a result of clenching or grinding teeth
  • Difficulty in eating, chewing, opening and closing the mouth, talking, yawning and simple mouth movements.
  • Incorrect jaw position that may cause one to have a disproportionate facial appearance.


Dental Implants

The dental implant has become a common practice to replace missing teeth or provide a fresh, improved and stable look to the existing denture.

One may have part or the whole of their teeth replaced, for instance, a worn out root may be replaced with a new root to make a tooth more stable instead of extracting it. Patients normally recover in a week from these procedures depending on the implant and technique applied by our oral surgeons at Lancaster.


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