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The different types of tooth crowns

In dental treatment, tooth crowns are used regularly for protecting natural teeth. At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we use dental crowns for various dental procedures most of which are cosmetic procedures. Getting a tooth crown Lancaster is quite easy and does not require many sessions at the dentist.

Despite the aesthetic value of dental crowns, they can also be used for dental treatment and other preventive measures. We normally provide a variety of dental crowns to our dental patients from which we select the most suitable crowns for their specific dental situation.

Dental crowns are normally used along with other dental treatments like dental bridges where they act as temporary teeth in supporting the structure.

When is a tooth crown necessary?

A tooth crown can be used for either cosmetic purposes or treatment purposes. In cosmetic dentistry, we use tooth crowns for covering discolored teeth or decayed teeth. This helps conceal the tooth and portray a well-polished tooth crown Lancaster. A tooth crown can also be used in dental implant treatment. After placing the dental implant, the oral surgeon uses special adhesive material to stick the dental crown onto the implant.

A dental crown is also used in dental bridge treatment to act as an anchor for the dental bridge. Since the dental bridge needs to be supported by a strong tooth, a dental crown plays a very important role in this treatment.

A tooth crown is used in dental treatment for protecting the natural tooth. If the tooth is weak or sensitive, our dentist may recommend a tooth crown to protect the tooth from any damage.

Types of tooth crowns

Tooth crowns come in various types and materials. The most common type of dental crown that we use is porcelain crowns.

Porcelain tooth crowns

Porcelain, also known as ceramic, tooth implants are a strong set of crowns that are designed by a very tough material. Ceramic crowns last a very long time due to their durability and resilience to cracking and breaking. Porcelain tooth crowns have a very white shade which accentuates the smile making you look very appealing.

At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we mostly use porcelain dental crowns for dental treatment since they are well equipped for most dental issues. Although these ceramic crowns are slightly expensive, they provide a convenience that counters the expense.

Composite tooth crowns

This is one of the most affordable dental crowns. Composite tooth crowns can be used in dental bridge treatment since they do not need to be hard; the only firm for support. Composite tooth crowns are usually designed in a dental lab where the dentist mixes a special paste which is hardened to form the dental crown.

If you wish to get easy to fit tooth crown Lancaster which won’t cost much to repair then composite tooth crowns are the best choice for you. However, composite tooth crowns are inferior to porcelain tooth crowns regarding quality and resilience. For the best tooth crown treatment, contact us at Lancaster Dental Care Associates.


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