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Regular services provided by a Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist refers to a dental professional who specializes in restoring the functionality of dental structures mainly through artificial dental appliances. At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we apply prosthodontist treatment in cosmetic procedures that involve restoration and enhancement of the teeth or gums.

If you intend on getting a dental enhancement for your teeth or gums, a prosthodontist Lancaster is the best dental specialist to visit. A prosthodontist performs various dental procedures on a day to day basis. Below are a few dental treatments that we offer in prosthodontics.

Oral implants

Oral implants are a type of tooth replacement that is surgically fixed into the jawbone making them very strong and firm. Before performing oral implant surgery, the prosthodontist Lancaster has to have undergone sufficient dental surgery training to successfully perform the procedure.

Oral implants are very convenient in many ways as compared to alternate methods of dental tooth replacement. For one, oral implants act like normal teeth making them the perfect replacement for natural teeth. The oral implants are also solid and resilient to stains and cracking. This makes them more durable than other dental alternatives. If well maintained, oral implants can last a lifetime without going for repair.

Dental Fillings

Prosthodontist Lancaster also provides dental filling procedures for cosmetic purposes. If decay or cavities damage the tooth, our prosthodontist will first remove all the cavities and debris from the tooth. After a thorough cleaning of the tooth, he will then apply the filling material covering the tooth entirely.

The dental filling, if composite, is hardened by a special light making sure it does not allow any bacteria inside the tooth. Eventually, you are left with a white enamel which does not display any signs of cavities or tooth decay.


At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we use veneer treatment in restoring the quality of eroded or extremely stained teeth. Veneers are typically placed on the front of the tooth enamel to cover the stains that are visible. Prosthodontics involves the use of veneers in improving the state of the teeth and making them more appealing. Veneer treatment is not usually lengthy and cannot take more than three sessions to fully complete.

After veneer treatment, there are no after effects, and you may not even feel like you have veneers on. We also use veneer treatment in filling gaps between teeth.

Our prosthodontist uses merely a small veneer which had been shaped before the procedure to plug the space between teeth. The veneer is then polished to match the shade of adjacent teeth and conceal any signs of the artificial appliance.

TMJ treatment

Prosthodontists also engage in treatment of the temporomandibular joint disorder. A TMJ disorder usually causes a lot of pain and can be caused by injury to the jaw. This procedure usually requires orthodontic treatment since it involves the reconstruction and repair of the jaw bone. The prosthodontist may also choose to prescribe a dental appliance such as headgear to help the jaw grow evenly and avoid any cases of a joint disorder.


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