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Dental services offered by a general dentist

Not many people are usually concerned about their dental health. This, in turn, may lead to dental complications developing out of poor oral hygiene and oral practices.

At Lancaster Dental Care Associates, dentists advice that you should take regular trips to the dentist in order to get preventive dentistry services that will improve dental health. Maintaining good oral hygiene is also a good oral practice since it reduces the chances of dental complications developing in the near future.

Getting a dental condition should not be the only reason that you visit a dentist in Palmdale. Regular dental check-ups are ideal for proper dental health.

Various dental services in general dentistry

When it comes to general dentistry, any dentist in Palmdale can provide dental treatment mainly because it does not involve any surgical or invasive procedures. One of the most common procedures offered in general dentistry is tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction

Extracting teeth can be recommended for various different purposes one of them being tooth decay. If tooth decay spreads throughout the tooth, it may become completely dysfunctional necessitating removal. What’s more, tooth extraction provides the option of eliminating the dental issue completely.

Instead of getting a root canal therapy which is very expensive, tooth extraction can be applied to rid of the tooth entirely and get a replacement instead. Tooth extraction can also be recommended if a tooth is squeezing adjacent teeth due to its size. Such a tooth is normally removed to avoid incidences of crowded teeth.

Visit Lancaster Dental Care Associates today and enjoy top-notch tooth extraction services.

Fixing broken or chipped teeth

Once a tooth is broken or chipped, it heavily affects the appearance of your smile. In such a case, you can consult Lancaster Dental Care Associates for a dental bonding procedure. In dental bonding, the dentist creates a composite paste that is similar to the shade of your teeth. Once created, the dentist applies the paste on the broken tooth and shapes it to take the shape of the broken piece.

After this, a strong light is used to harden the paste and make it dry. The dentist then reshapes and evens out the composite material to ensure a fine finish.

Treating a toothache

If you start experiencing a toothache, it is best to visit a dentist in Palmdale in order to get the problem diagnosed. A toothache can either be caused by tooth decay, injury to the tooth or even gum infection. In any case, a dentist in Palmdale will be able to diagnose the problem and offer suitable treatment. If necessary, the dentist will provide pain relief medication for your toothache.

Stitching up mouth wounds

Have you ever bit yourself so badly that you needed stitching? For such cases, Lancaster Dental Care Associates provide emergency services aimed at getting you back on track as soon as possible. Such dental treatment takes less than a single hour and does not have any after effects aside from moderate soreness.

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