Why We’re The Best For Veneers In Lancaster

Veneers are dental cosmetics that are placed on your teeth to provide a better smile with whiter teeth.

Veneers are of different types and materials which means you have a variety to choose from when you decide to get veneers fixed. For the best veneers Lancaster, you can rely on Lancaster Dental Associates.

They have professional dentists who are skilled in various dental procedures and are bound to give you a great dentist experience. Veneers are only fit for adults and adolescents. It is important to inquire from your dentist if you fit the requirements needed for you to get veneers fixed.

Types of veneers

Depending on your preference, you can decide to get permanent or temporary veneers. This will determine which material of veneers you will get. Lancaster Dental Associates offer different types of veneers; here are a few of the most common.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are mostly used in repairing small dental conditions like broken teeth or filling gaps between the front teeth. They are easy to fit and inexpensive. As preferred, you can choose to get these veneers in the whole mouth or for specific teeth. This type of veneers is likely to be stained or corroded if good oral hygiene is not maintained. Otherwise, they can last quite a long time.

Porcelain veneers

For the best veneers Lancaster, you can go for porcelain veneers. These veneers are top class and are frequently used by actors and models on set to improve their smile. They are resistant to staining and breakage making them the ideal choice for veneers. These veneers also have a brighter sheen that makes them look more appealing.

Although getting these veneers fixed increases the number of sessions at the dentist, the final finish is worth the time. Porcelain veneers are also one of the most expensive veneers.

Instant veneers

Instant veneers are an easy to fit kind of veneers that do not require many dental procedures. They are similar to porcelain veneers in terms of quality which means they are also attractive to look at. Instant veneers are however not custom made.

They are already made veneers which the dentist chooses for you according to your dental structure. This is convenient since the price will be less costly for a brilliant looking set of veneers.

What to know after fitting veneers

Even after getting the best veneers Lancaster, there are some precautions you should know in order to protect your veneers from damage. Although veneers are stain resistant, it is advisable to avoid beverages that can stain your teeth regularly like coffee. Lancaster Dental Associates dentists can advise you on what to eat to preserve your veneers.

Good oral hygiene should be maintained if you want your veneers to last for long. Poor oral hygiene can lead to weak gums which will affect the structure of the veneers making them prone to breaking or falling out. Biting down on hard objects when you have veneers is also highly discouraged. This can cause the veneers to chip or crack.

Repairing veneers can be a bit costly so it is better to keep them intact and safe. Corrosive or abrasive toothpaste should be avoided to prevent the veneers from becoming weak.

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