Sleep Apnea causes & symptoms

Sleep apnea Lancaster is a condition in which the breathing will be interrupted during the night whereas breathing tends to stop and start a number of repeated times.

Sleep apnea: A common and serious condition

There are thousands of individuals suffering from sleep apnea Lancaster. The condition tends to cut you short of oxygen supply within your body and may lead to the brief awakening of the individual during the night in the middle of one’s sleep.

The perils involved are heart disease, shortness of breath and high blood pressure. However, the good news is the condition is treatable. Even if most people consider to be treated with a CPAP machine, it is not the only treatment that can be used to treat sleep apnea.

Here at Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we have a team of dental professionals who have adapted to the use of an oral appliance in treating sleep apnea. The appliance is designed to offer you great comfort, high-quality sleep and reduces breathing difficulties.

The common causes of sleep apnea Lancaster in adults are obesity, tonsils, and blockage of the airways due to over-relaxation of muscles of the throat and tongue. In children, sleep apnea is gone to be caused by enlarged adenoids, birth defects and tumor in the airways.

The symptoms of sleep apnea include:

Sleep apnea Lancaster; an oral appliance

The oral appliance is like a retainer and a mouth guard used in holding the jaw down and forward than it is normally. This tends to keep the upper airways open, hence, reduces snoring and it helps the person to breathe freely during the night.

There are many pros and cons associated with this therapy. However, this device is more comfortable compared to the CPAP machine which means that a person will use it for a longer extended period. It will be easy to move with the device and it is not as expensive compared to the CPAP machine. However, an oral appliance cannot be used with each case of the sleep apnea, it serves well to patients with mild symptoms.

The doctor may recommend oral appliance therapy if it tends to treat sleep apnea or not. Our dentist at Lancaster Dental Care Associates may make a customized fit according to your mouth.

Lancaster Dental Care Associates: getting your oral appliance fitted for you

The oral appliance is usually customized right for your best fit within the mouth. Our dentist does not quite recommend the appliance of generic sizing since it does not take into consideration your bite and teeth.

The appliance has to be made on the plaster molds from your own teeth. High-quality models can be adjusted as time passes but they are more expensive. When you visit the dentist, the plaster will be used to do the molds of your teeth.

Our team of medical practitioners here at Lancaster Dental Care Associates does offer high-quality treatment plans for sleep apnea. The rates of treatment for sleep apnea Lancaster at our clinic are cost-effective.

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