Prosthodontist in Lancaster

Dentistry which is a branch in the field of medicine comprises of many careers. There are about nine areas which have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) that a dentist can specialize in after attaining their bachelor’s degree. Prosthodontics is one of these specialization areas. Prosthodontics involves the replacement and restoration of damaged or extracted natural teeth using biocompatible components. There are numerous prosthodontist Lancaster, and the best are available at the Lancaster Dental Care Associates. There are various treatments that are administered by prosthodontist such as:


These are manmade covers or caps that are used to cover the surface of the teeth which is above the gum. These caps are constructed using materials such as metal combined with porcelain, metal or porcelain. The crowns are bonded to the teeth which have to be previously prepared for the process. The crown is attached to the roots that are intact which is why it is mostly attached to procedures like an endodontic root canal. The crown is put in place to alleviate conditions such as broken or fractured teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the highest rated procedure for replacing the root and crown of your natural tooth that is missing or damaged in this century. The dental implants are inserted through a minor surgery where the implants are attached to the jaw. The implants become attached to the jawbone hence giving permanent support that is similar to that of a crown. The implant procedure can be used to replace one or more tooth; there is no limitation on the number of teeth. The number of teeth that can get replaced however depends on the strength of your jaw and the overall health of your jawbone and roots. The dental implants can also be used to anchor other patch ups such as dentures and bridges. The dental implants are more often than not conducted by other specialists but the prosthodontist Lancaster will be responsible for designing the implants and positioning them in place.


The dental dentures vary depending on the intended purpose. There are those that are ideal for supporting implants, partial teeth replacement and the others for full teeth replacement. Dental dentures are mostly used for aesthetic purposes but can also be used for functionality by people who have lost teeth. They enhance the appearance of the dental formula as well as the appearance of the smile when the workmanship is done by a proficient prosthodontist. The dental dentures may be uncomfortable within the first few days, but after a while, the mouth becomes used to them.

Reconstructive Dentistry

Besides the designing and the conducting of complex procedures involving restoration or replacement of the teeth prosthodontist Lancaster also make certain that the procedure is done to perfection. A prosthodontist is an essential individual through the process of a smile makeover or dental surgery. It is also within their duties to do oral cancer screens, diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Once diagnosed they can administer the required treatment for obstructive OSA and TMD.

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