Pediatric Dentist Lancaster

Parenting is a roller coaster; your search for the right dentist for your children does not have to be. Here at Lancaster Dental Care Associates, we have the best pediatric dentists specialized in working with toddlers, infants, and teenagers.

The early childhood years shape the overall state of a child’s dental health. We are dedicated to ensuring children grow up having strong and healthy teeth and gums as a result of quality oral care by our dentists.

Every treatment is tailored to meet the needs of your child best and give them the best pediatric dentist Lancaster experience.

When does your child need to see our Pediatric Dentist?

It is recommended that children schedule the first visit to our dentists by their first birthdays and subsequently schedule a check-up every six months to prevent dental problems. It is important to visit our dentist in between check-ups if they have or show signs of:

Teething problems

Good and timely surfacing of teeth is important in infant’s speech development and allows for infants to be appropriately weaned into eating solid foods at the right time.

Dental Carries and tooth decay

Even though milk teeth are shed off and replaced by permanent teeth, it is important that good oral hygiene is maintained. Children are predisposed to cavities and tooth decay as they are most likely to eat sugary foods while being less keen on their oral hygiene.

The cavities can expose the inner pulp to bacteria causing infections and children may experience toothaches.


This is a mild gum disease that causes irritation, redness and swelling on the part of your gum around the base of your teeth. If not treated it may lead to teeth loss.

Malocclusion or Misaligned teeth

Malocclusion is when the teeth of the lower and upper jaws do not meet when jaws are closed. This hinders speech and feeding for children. It may also predispose them to constant biting of the insides of the mouth and tongue, causing those injuries, pain and sometimes severe infections.

Why choose Lancaster for Oral healthcare?

Teeth problems can cause a horrific experience while growing up. Lancaster Dental Care Associates will provide your child with quality and affordable pediatric dentist Lancaster healthcare so that they get to enjoy all their milestones with a confident smile.

We offer a very child-friendly waiting space so that the children feel at ease.

Our friendly and very knowledgeable staff handle children with tenderness and patience to ensure that they leave the hospital looking forward to the next visit.

Patients don’t require to make prior arrangements to be attended to. We also keep the wait quite short so be sure your children will not get restless and nervous while awaiting their turn.

We accept insurance.

To top it all up, children get a treasure box to take home for being brave little soldiers during their procedures. So, what are you waiting for? Join our family and get rid of dentist jitters! Get your child’s oral hygiene on the right track.

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