Pediatric dentist has extra skills set to handle patients of younger age

Pediatric dentist Lancaster

At Lancaster dental care associate, we have a section for the children dental treatment. We also have a specialized dentist to handle the children dentistry issues. Pediatric dentist Lancaster has extra dentistry skills set to handle patients of younger age. Children are more prone to dental problems, this is because the teeth are still at the development stage.

Children also like sugary foods which are likely to affect their dental health. Moreover, if the child’s dental hygiene is not watched closely, he or she is likely to develop dental or oral complications. We have all the necessary facilities tailored to meet your child’s dental needs. We treat the following pediatric dental complications:

Teething complications

Pediatric dentist Lancaster deals with problems associated with teething in infants. At around six months the baby should start developing first teeth in readiness for chewing food. However, in some cases, a child may take a very long time for the teeth to appear. The pediatric dentist will offer dental mediation that will soften the baby’s gum for the tooth to emerge. Gum infection is also a complication that happens to babies. We do have the right medication for such cases as well.

 Dental cavities

Normally children with milk teeth are more exposed to acquiring dental cavities or dental caries. Dental cavities are normally caused by poor diet and poor dental hygiene. The cavities are likely to harbor bacteria that damage the tooth and even the gums or cause infection. Such cavities are treated by the pediatric dentist Lancaster. The tooth can either be extracted or filled if the damage is not bad.


This is a common gum illness that affects children. It is the swelling and reddening of the gums. Bacteria cause this condition. Our pediatric dentist Lancaster has the right medication for this complication. If your child is suffering from this condition, it is wise to visit our clinic as soon as possible. Earlier treatment will prevent further damage to the gums and the teeth.

Misaligned teeth

Malocclusion happens to the teeth when the lower and the upper jaw fail to meet on closing the jaws. Misaligned teeth are the teeth that are not in the correct order, others are situated inwards and others outwards. Both malocclusion and teeth misalignment are dealt with by our pediatric dentist Lancaster. Both conditions are a problem for the kids.

Both conditions lead to further complication to the child. It becomes difficult to chew food with misaligned teeth. Moreover, speech becomes a problem when the teeth are not in order. Worse, the conditions can lead to oral injuries as the child can bite one’s tongue. This kind of condition can also lead to dental infections. This is because it is difficult to clean misaligned teeth. Food particles can accumulate in between the teeth.

It is very important to ensure that your child’s dental or oral health is always good. This is why we have screening services for children. Bring your child today to our clinic to be attended to by the best pediatric dentist Lancaster.

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