Dental procedures that need oral surgery

Oral surgery is one of the oral treatment procedures that we offer at Lancaster Dental Care Associates’ clinic. We have very qualified personnel to handle this kind of procedure. Our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca is very qualified and highly experienced in handling any kind of oral surgery. Simple oral treatments are sometimes not enough. If the dental problem is complicated or is advanced, dental surgery is sometimes required to correct the problem.

Oral surgery is mainly done to the jaws. Oral surgery is a quick procedure in our clinic since we have the most advanced technological equipment. Additionally, we do have sedative dentistry whereby we induce the patient into temporary unconsciousness.

Al you need to do if you have any oral complication is to visit us. We will be able to determine whether your condition needs surgery or not.

The following are dental procedures that need oral surgery:

Tooth Extractions

Our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca has the necessary skills in extracting teeth. Tooth extraction procedure needs high specialized skills. Wrong tooth extraction can lead to injuries to the jaw or even worse infection to the jaw. We are aware of all the risks involved with tooth extraction procedure, and that is why we have highly skilled oral surgeons. We first diagnose the oral problem to ascertain if oral surgery is necessary. The following oral disorders will prompt our oral surgeons to carry our surgery. In case you get involved in an accident, and your tooth is wedged into the jaw, or when the wisdom teeth partially erupt, we extract the tooth. Moreover, if you have decayed tooth which cannot be recover, it is best to be extracted. Sometimes in children, the milk teeth fail to fall, and the permanent teeth have already erupted, we will extract the old teeth. Crowded teeth also need the extraction to leave space for the rest of the teeth. All the above procedures need a skilled oral surgeon Lancaster, ca.

Jaw surgery

Common problems of the jaw that will require our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca to deal with include the following. In case one has an incorrect bite we definitely perform oral surgery to correct it. Jaw trauma caused by jaw deformation is a complication that can only be corrected through oral surgery. Moreover, if you have any difficulty with jaw movement especially when eating, yawning or talking you definitely need our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca. Sometimes the jaw gets into a wrong positioning leading to wrong facial appearance. We correct such jaw complication by carrying out jaw surgery.

Dental implants

This is a procedure that requires the skills and expertise of our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca. The dental implants procedure is a common correction procure for lost teeth. The implants can be used to replace the entire tooth structure or just the root. The implants must be fixed by a highly specialized surgeon for it to be stable and long-lasting.

All the complication you have that require the expertise of our oral surgeon Lancaster, ca be solved at our clinic, Lancaster Dental Care Associates.

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