All About Laser Dentistry

All About Laser Dentistry

Nearly one out of two people has some form of dental anxiety, with a quarter of those being so affected by their fears as to call their concern about the dentist’s office a phobia. Many of these people go years without a dental visit, leading to worsening oral health and the need for more aggressive dental care when they do finally schedule an appointment, reinforcing their fears.

At Lancaster Dental Care Associates in Lancaster, California, Dr. Kamram Saidara and his team of dental specialists deliver dental restoration services using laser dentistry, which is a terrific way to introduce yourself to the world of dental care. Here are some key benefits of this technology for your teeth.

Reduce dental anxiety 

Around one in five patients suffers pain anxiety before dental appointments, and quite a few even avoid dental care for years. Their fear of pain leads to waiting until pain or cosmetic problems reach a breaking point before they seek care. 

Laser dentistry uses light amplification to swiftly, effectively, and near-painlessly treat dental problems and restore your oral health. This can make your time in the dentist’s chair a relaxed event, and you’ll leave knowing you’re doing the right thing when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums.

Say farewell to drilling

With laser dentistry, there’s often no need to use the dental drill. Treatment can be completed without the whine and grind of the burr attached to the drill bit, and you won’t have the sensations or smells you associate with unhappier days in the dental chair.

Fight gum disease

Around half of all people over 30  already have gum disease. Without treatment, this can cause bone loss, leading to tooth loss. In fact, periodontal disease causes more tooth loss than cavities do! Laser gum treatment lets us address diseased gum and remove it with very little bleeding or discomfort — no scalpels, and no stitches!

Reduce infection

When we use lasers to perform treatment, your risk of infection is greatly reduced, as the laser’s energy precisely targets the area being worked on and sterilizes it. The process cauterizes tiny blood vessels for less chance of bleeding or infection, and also seals nerve endings for little to no postoperative pain.

Improve resistance to decay

Ever had a filling and the cavity started again below the filling? Lasers can be used to thoroughly remove decay, harden the filling, and toughen up the tooth. A short-pulsed carbon dioxide laser literally changes the composition of your tooth enamel to make the tooth stronger and more resistant to the acids and sugars that cause cavities.

Ready for a gentler, less anxiety-ridden approach to dental care? Call our office at 661-282-7512 to book a consultation with a member of our team, or request an appointment online today.

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